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I contacted Peter because his profile resonated with what I was looking for. As a coach with interests in leadership and career transitioning, I felt he would help with my predicaments around career decisions. I did not think about gender when looking for a coach and this has not been an issue in our path. Peter and I have been working on my inability to decide, exploring causes for the mental block(s). He has offered a safe and comfortable space to help me question my self-beliefs and supported me in finding a career path through focusing on finding myself. By sharing leadership experiences, Peter has enabled me to see different approaches to management in the workplace. He has provided me with resources to work with in between sessions and, not only have I found them useful, I have also found them very appropriate: both to the questions I face and to my way of thinking. English is not my first language and it is occasionally a challenge to make myself understood. For this reason, Peter finding the right resources has been a highlight. Not only he has been patient and ensured he understood what I tried to say, he also made sure the steps I took on my own were supportive of my needs.

Though still working on my career choices (I am fortunate to have many!) I am more comfortable in evaluating and the anxiety regarding making a choice has gone. I have even quit one of my options without feeling any regrets. Regardless of what job I choose to do next, I am confident that I will respect the boundaries I have discovered and established through my work with Peter. I did not expect to, but Peter has helped me restore the work-life balance I much needed which has impacted positively on my time management skills and my relationships with family. I am very grateful for Peter's support in this journey.

LS. Female. 40’s. Academic and Healthcare Professional.

As a busy exec working in the Fintech and finance consulting arena for many years, it’s tempting to think working on myself or receiving coaching at this point in my life isn’t for me. But as Peter has opened this topic with me, nothing could be further from the truth. I’m convinced that the older we get, the more important having sharp focus is if we want to make the most of our lives and make a meaningful difference to other people, both in and out of our work.

Peter has a respectful and insightful style that, through careful questioning borne out of considerable personal experience and study, illuminates areas that I’ve been able to work on and see tangible results quickly. It’s not been about being led or told what to do. It’s been about helping me to develop focused curiosity about myself and find clarity about where I’m going and how best to get there. Through what’s been a most enjoyable process, I’ve also found great calm and peace - even in the midst of considerable pressure and busyness. We’ve also met many times to walk and talk, which has been a particularly effective and pleasant way of thinking and processing.

I can’t recommend Peter’s input highly enough. However far you are through your life or career, I know you will get life-changing results with his help.

EP. 50’s. Male. Senior Partner. Fintech.

Peter offered a listening space, compassion, warmth, a welcoming and warm safe safety, asked questions relevant to the topic discussed, expanding my thought patterns, Peter was understanding and came across genuine, made an effort and brought to the sessions some lessons and pearls of wisdom you would offer to me from something that inspired you or something you learned.

I liked Peter’s excitement and how interested he was in what I would share, as small as that might sound, we may not find ourselves interesting, but to be in the presence of another witnessing our work, thoughts, personal traits, shame, falls and achievements means we do not do it alone. The non-judgemental approach made it possible.

And specifically referring to the free getting to know you session the client said: 

“I hugely benefited from our initial meeting. If I had not met you and had a chat before we began I may not have experienced the benefits of engaging in coaching with you due to my own hesitation. Thank you!!!”

NG. 40’s. Female. Academic and Healthcare Professional.

After my coaching sessions with Peter I now feel self sufficient, I have the tools to keep working on my self improvement and have a lot more clarity in what I want in life. I have the skills to help me work on relationships in my career and I feel confident on how to deal with situations in my personal life that I’m not happy with. 

Peter is very real, giving advice on personal experience which really put me at ease.

I feel a lot better in myself, I didn’t achieve the goals I set out for but came to realise I had different goals in another direction.

AS. 20’s. Male. Quantity Surveyor.

‘With his measured and calm approach Peter helped me to negotiate a difficult work/life balance decision during a time when I was feeling emotionally stressed and was struggling to think objectively.

His pertinent and direct questions enabled me to realise what I wanted, what was important and how to achieve those two things in a situation that was complex and not clear cut to me.

His confident and sensitive manner, along with excellent listening skills and friendly demeanour made my sessions with him fruitful, enabling me to make a difficult decision with confidence and clarity and moving my situation forward to a successful outcome.” 

JB, 50’s. Female. Teacher and Musician.

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