Coaching Prices

Private One to One Coaching

Coaching is broadly for one of two things, and I like to split them into Doing and Being.

Performance coaching focuses on what you do.

Development coaching focuses on who you are.

I can help you with what you do and how you do it, but I prefer to help you be a better you!

1 Hour coaching: £75.


Team & Group Coaching

Are you part of a team, department or work group?

I offer team and group coaching for groups of 3-6 people to help you be more coherent and effective.

Team of 3: £150 per hour

Team of 4: £180 per hour

Team of 5: £225 per hour

Team of 6: £250 per hour


Business Leadership Coaching

Do you lead a team, department or work group?

Do you think about the culture of high performance teams?

Do you have relationship issues within the team?

Would you like skills and tools to lead better?

Please call for an initial discovery conversation.

Also please see my leadership website at: