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Walking with you to a better life...

I am delighted to announce that I have launched a Life Coaching practice called Well Man Walking! If you’ve read the page about the Well Man Walking concept you’ll already know that it combines my passion for being outdoors (preferably on mountains) where I get most recharged, and my ongoing desire to become a better human being (with the emphasis on the “being”) and very much inspired by a plethora of truly great and inspiring women I am fortunate enough to know personally or know about.

I am trying to be a better man! Honestly. And this is work! As blokes we really get hard work and are generally happy to apply ourselves to it, whether this is in our jobs, a long list of DIY projects at home or in the gym. We get it! ”No pain, no gain” and all that... But as a generality we do not apply this to our mental and emotional wellbeing. I am lucky to know some men who do, but I know far more who don’t, and who really struggle to even talk about it, let alone do something about it.

We are human BEINGS! But we live our lives as human DOINGS. We get our identity from what we DO, rather than who we ARE.

Of course, we are all on a spectrum of this somewhere, but personally I really want to move away from the doing end of this spectrum to the being end. Being healthier of mind, body and soul, and it was a desire to share this at the start of lockdown that led to me starting this blog in the first place.

It is to this end I have launched my Life Coaching practice and have the strap line “Walking with you to a better life”. I am already walking! I have learned so much over the last 10+ years and worked to be a better human being, and I really want to inspire and help others to walk this journey with me in your own way. And I choose to walk not run (which would be the natural tendency of the alpha male!) as I want to take everything in on the way! I get the buzz of running and wish I could run freer and faster at times, but for this we need to take each step carefully and purposefully, choosing firm footIngs not slippery slopes.

I really believe the world would be such a better place if we all focused a little more on being better than doing better. If we are better human beings what we do will be filled with more love, compassion, humility, gratitude, generosity, integrity, honesty, peace, fun and happiness rather than the greed, hate, jealousy, self interest, selfishness, dishonesty, pride, shame, war and hurt that is all too prevalent on our world today.

Will you walk with me? Can I help you on your journey? If you’d like to have a chat about this do get in touch. If you think I can help you, great! May be you can help me. Either way perhaps we can agree to walk in the same direction and enjoy the journey together.

Happy walking!

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